Why You Should Double Cleanse

February 26, 2022

Why You Should Double Cleanse

It’s not another 6 am ritual or wildly intense two-month detox; it’s a simple step that will bring your skincare game to the next level: it’s double cleansing!

Double cleansing has proven to be a valuable addition to your routine that can seriously benefit your skin. From K-beauty skincare pros to everyday aesthetic enthusiasts, double cleansing is taking over.

What Is Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is when you first wash your face to lift and remove makeup, dirt, and grime out of your pores, and then give your face a second go to wash it all away. It’s nothing complicated.

The concept is a simple process that can have long-lasting effects on your skin. You don’t need much to get all the benefits of double cleansing. Here’s what you’ll keep with you as you give your skin some extra love:

What You’ll Need For A Double Cleansing:

  • A washcloth or set of clean hands
  • Oil-based cleanser or micellar water
  • Water-based face cleanser

How To Double Cleanse

The double-cleansing method only calls for three simple steps. Let’s get into it.

Step One

Before starting your skincare routine, you should always wash your hands. If your hands aren’t clean, you can add more dirt and grime to your face, which is totally the opposite of what we’re going for.

Once your hands are clean, you’re ready to get into the real double-cleansing.

Step Two

With a set of clean hands, you’ll go into the first round of face-cleansing. For the first go, it’s typical to use a fragrance-free oil-based cleanser or micellar water.

A lathering with micellar water or oil-based cleansers removes makeup and excess oils from your skin. After your thorough yet gentle cleansing, you can wipe off the grime with a washcloth or your hands and lukewarm water. Only the natural hydrating oils should be left behind.

Tip: If you have sensitive or dry skin, use your hands to do your first rinse so that a washcloth doesn’t remove all the cleansing oils or irritate your skin.

Sebum is an oily, waxy substance produced by your body's glands that keeps your skin moisturized, but sebum can lead to oily skin in excess. Micellar water and oil blends help break down the skin’s sebum along with stubborn makeup.

Image of person adding moisturizer to their face

Step Three

Once you’ve lifted and wiped away the gunk, you’re ready for round two. Your face should still be slightly damp from your first wash. Because you’ve already gently exfoliated your skin, your second cleanse can get deeper into your pores.

Welcome the water-based cleanser to the party! Give yourself a typical lathering and cleanse with just a bit of product. Wipe and wash it all off when your skin feels thoroughly covered.

It’s best to wash upwards and outwards so that you don’t end up trapping products back into your pores (that’s the complete opposite of what we want). Your skin should be able to absorb all of the nourishing ingredients it needs because the oil cleanser already did all the heavy lifting.

florence’s Clean Magic Face Wash has the ultimate oil-balancing blend perfect for keeping sebum at bay. Made with a magic mix of seaweed, ivy, lemon, and sage, florence face wash will most certainly keep your oily skin in check. You’re ready for step three!

How to double cleanse infographic by florence by mills

You’re All Done!

Once you’re done with cleansing, your face is prepped for absorbing whatever good skin-loving nutrients it needs. 

It’s more common to do a double-cleansing at night when the day has left its mark on your skin. Double cleansing can help you transition into your usual nightly skincare regime.

Because your face is fresh and your pores are open, acne-prone skin can get some serious benefits from an nourishing acne patches, or an oil-free moisturizer. Pop on an eye mask and catch some great self-loving Zzzs.

Florence by mills spot me acne patches

Does Double Cleansing Make a Difference?

No matter your skin type, you can always benefit from extra cleansing. If you’ve added double-cleansing to your nightly routine, you should be able to notice results in a little over a week.

You may notice a brighter complexion, fewer breakouts, and overall cleaner-feeling skin if you’re double-cleansing every day.

If you’re not noticing the results you were expecting you may want to consider looking into new products like gel cleansers, revitalizing foam cleansers, or products containing hyaluronic acid. If a change in products isn’t cutting it, try out a new cleansing cloth or brush.

Try It Out For Yourself!

You most likely have all that you need in your bathroom to give double-cleansing a go.

Remember the stubborn water-proof mascara you struggled with last weekend? If only you knew about double cleansing back then. By using the double-cleansing method, you can lift stubborn makeup on your first wash with Magic Micellar Cleansing Gel, and then wash all the gunk off your face with Clean Magic Face Wash.

We love learning about new tips and tricks that we can pass on to our besties; double cleansing is just one of them. Continue to follow the florence blog for all the skincare and makeup advice you’ll ever need.

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