Find the Right Lip Product For You

February 26, 2022

Find the Right Lip Product For You

Shopping for the perfect lip product makes any day more fun. When deciding on what lip products are best for your pout, you should consider two things: your look and your lips.

Of course, you can unlock a fun look with any style of lip, but the coolest part is that it’s all up to you! When it comes to your lips, you’ll want to shop for products that will nourish them and allow you to express yourself. 

What To Look For

If you’re searching for a product for your lips, consider qualities like skin type, composition, and ingredients. Whereas if your focus is on creating a makeup look, you’ll want to think about color, texture, and the occasion.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a product that complements your lip type or one that helps you create the look you’re going for, you need some nourishing care that helps you feel comfortable in your own skin.

For your music festival, quirky game night, or any occasion, the lip product you choose should enhance your look and feel just right for your lips. Don’t be afraid to give your lips the attention they deserve while you try new things, mix and match, or get outside of your box.

Ideas We Have For Showing Your Lips Some Love

Bold Beauty

However you define bold, a lip product can help you create whatever you envision. A berry, fuschia, or eccentric lip can all be achieved if you have the right tools.

To execute your definition of a bold look, you can add any of the following lip products to your makeup pouch:

Be A VIP Velvet Liquid Lipstick: In shades We Stan or Obsessed, this lipstick can serve long-lasting boldness. A velvet matte lipstick finish will hold for hours and add mesmerizing color to your lips.

Mark My Words Lip Liner: This lip pencil brings shape and definition to your pout. This liner defines a fierce fiesta look, whether used to fill in your lips or to accent your liquid lip.

Lip liner is applied along the perimeter of your lips, giving them extra fullness and definition. You can line your lips and then fill them in with the same tool or another lipstick of your choosing. By outlining your lips, they’ll appear thicker than usual and have a little extra pop.

Work It Pout Plumping Lip Gloss: If you’re looking to make your lips pop with fullness, this is the best lip-plumping gloss for you. Work It Pout Plumping Lip Gloss is designed to add the perfect plumping effect to lips that want to steal the spotlight.

This shimmering plumping gloss is formulated with natural ingredients designed to add the perfect plumping effect

Lip plumping products and liners are always an exciting way to test the waters of what possibilities are out there. A slender lip never needs enhancement, but trying something new can be fun. Remember that there’s no rule book to makeup; you can be bold in any way, shape, or form. 

Radiating Rosy

Image of person in florence by mills makeup

You may want to carry a perky, rosy lip for some occasions. Whether you’re going for a completely monochromatic or simple tea-time look, a rosy lip adds stunning radiance to your face. If you’re feeling the effects of a harsh winter, your lips can probably use some freshening up as well.

Here’s what we would recommend if you’re looking to serve rosy radiance:

Get Glossed Lip Gloss: For a rosy glossed lip, we insist you use shades Mystic, Mellow, or Birthday Mills. These glosses are sheer pinks that you can lay on top of any other lip product for a rosy tint. For even more options, try out the Ubu Get Glossed Lip Gloss Duo; the lip gloss bundle that adds shine and shimmer without the sticky.

Oh Whale! Tinted Lip Balm: For a rosy pout, this lip balm is the ultimate tool that should live in your makeup bag. There are five color-tinted shades to choose from that complement your natural flushed tones and will leave you feeling like the brightest rose in the garden.

This sheer tinted lip balm will wrap your lips in a layer of non-sticky moisture from oils like jojoba oil and avocado oil, while shea butter seals everything in to keep your lips happy for hours.

Glow Yeah Hydrating Lip Oil: This lip oil serves serious hydration while adding a pop of shine for that GLOW YEAH feeling all day long. Don’t let an overwhelming day get you down; give your lips some love.

A rosy look doesn’t have to be fragile; if anything, it can represent the resilience of life. Be radiant and always shine bright.

Subtle Sweetness

Sometimes a natural look can make the ultimate statement that you’re going for. Nudes and neutral-toned lip products add the slightest flush to your face that liven and perk you up for the day.

Whether you’re going for stunning eyes and a subtle lip or the overall natural-you look, these lip products will be just right for the day:

Be A VIP Velvet Liquid Lipstick: Shades Killing It and Vibe Check are a nude and rosy nude designed for adding to your subtle look. As a lightweight mousse, Be A VIP Velvet Liquid Lipstick will complement your lips and add subtle brightness. This liquid beauty was designed just for you. By drying into a matte finish, this lipstick will last all day long, making it the perfect solution for any moist lip in need of custom care.

Cheek Me Later Cream Blush: Yes, blush can be used on the lips, especially this creamy blush that settles into a long-lasting powdery finish. Using the same blush on your cheeks and lips can brighten up your natural tones. The secret ingredient in this blush-made-lip product is kaolin clay, an oil-absorber that perfectly suits a moist lip.

Don’t let your lip type keep you from achieving the makeup look you want. Demanding products designed for your needs makes sense to us; that’s why Mills created florence.

Tinted Glow Yeah Lip Oil: Our besties love this lip oil because once applied, it adjusts to your pH and creates a custom tint of color just for you. Moisturizing oils will add a natural shine to your lips, and a custom tint will complement your natural flush.

Oh Whale! Tinted Lip Balm: Lip balms are a great way to moisturize and nourish your lips anytime they’re in need. In the dry desert or the withering winter, this bad boy of a lip balm can be your parched lips’ life savior.

Although subtly styled, your lips can always be show stoppers.

Find the right lip product for you florence by mills infographic

Lip Products Made For You

At florence, we want beauty and skincare to be simple, and that’s why we design our products with your lip needs in mind. 

Whether you’re highlighting your lips to create the perfect look, or using a lip mask to show your lips some extra love, the right lip product can help you feel your best.

We hope you’ve found the right lip products to serve yourself with self-loving care.

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