being wild is about choosing our own journey


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wild. inspired. bold.

floral with earthy base notes

Embark on your journey of authenticity by taking the first leap into a botanical garden where bergamot and soothing sage intertwine with purple iris, blooming wisteria, violet flowers, and fresh lavender. These enchanting periwinkle florals are intertwined with sandalwood and upcycled cedarwood, rooting you in rich, earthy scents. All working together to help you feel inspired within your journey of being wildly yourself.

the story as told by Mills

"As we grow up, we face deciding what to do, where to go, and who we want to be. Being wild is about being wildly yourself & creating a journey that is authentic to you. Imagine a story about a beautiful flower blossoming with delicate petals or a branch growing off a tree. Either could be broken but will grow back and can be even stronger than before. Now, envision this with the story of life and how you can choose to find your own way to be wild - even if it means starting fresh with your journey."

wildly authentic

discover Mills' journey to creating wildly me