What Toner To Use For Your Skin Type

February 26, 2022

What Toner To Use For Your Skin Type

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, skincare plays an enormous role in how we feel (your skin is the body's largest organ, BTW). But, one of the trickiest parts of navigating skincare is that we’re like snowflakes; every one of us is different from one another.

Knowing your skin type means that you can use skin care products designed just for you, not everyone who shares your bathroom. Toners are one of those products that you’ll want to be tailored to your exact skin type. 

Finding the right toner for your skin brings you one step closer to creating the skincare routine that helps you feel your best.

Why Do We Use Toners?

At first glance, facial toners may appear like some kind of fancy water or thin cleanser, but they’re not. In between cleansers and moisturizers, toners have a precise role in your skincare routine: take care of your skin’s pores.

Think of toners as the editors in your skincare routine; they add finishing touches to a facial cleanser’s job and prime your skin for moisturizers to do theirs. 

After using a facial cleanser, you may have exfoliated your skin to remove makeup and grime, but a toner comes in with revisions and handles lingering debris. Toners help wash away dust and tighten gaps in your skin cells.

Toners also prepare your skin to make the most of your moisturizer. With a fresh and clean face, your skin is ready to absorb all of the nourishing ingredients found in your moisturizer.

Face toners benefit your skincare routine by letting you take full advantage of the carefully crafted formulas you bought just for your skin type. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you’ll want to use a face toner that’s right for you.

What toner to use for your skin type infographic by florence by mills

Dry Skin

If you have dry, sensitive, or aging skin, you need to show it some good love with a toner designed to gently nourish. 

Episode 1: Brighten Up Brightening Toner is filled with hydrating ingredients that create a shield of moisture that protects your skin. This toner keeps the good stuff in and gross stuff out.

Person holding up Episode 1 Florence by mills toner

The ingredients in Episode 1 that help with dry, sensitive, or aging skin:

Gastache Mexicana: A friendly plant full of antioxidants. Not only does this plant help give your skin a brighter glow, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties perfect for sensitive skin. 

Lavender Water: Like meditation for your skin. Lavender is calming and balancing. If you’re dealing with grime, give your face a good scrubbing with Get That Grime Face Scrub, and then use this skin toner on your face and neck to brighten up dullness.

Cucumber Water: Like a trip to the spa, cucumber helps skin cool off and relax. Great for soothing after a nice facial, cucumbers are known for their ability to hydrate and heal.

Applying a hydrating toner that’s made to support dull skin right after it’s been cleansed sets you up for success as you move on to moisturizing. After your cleanser opens up your pores, the toners help wash it all away, and your face is left with natural oils that give you a dewy glow.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, then you’ll want to apply a toner that helps clear your pores of gunk and grime. Because your skin produces abundant oils, your pores have a better chance of storing and building up bacteria and pollution.

Our remedy for oily skin is Episode 2: Clear the Way Clarifying Toner. Episode 2 is made with mattifying ingredients that help balance oils, helping your skin stay clear. 

The ingredients in Episode 2 that help oily/acne-prone skin:

Clarifying Blend: A combo of natural ingredients that helps balance oil is precisely what you’ll find in this toner. Everyone has an oil naturally found in their skin called sebum, but some of us produce more than others. The right ingredients can help balance your sebum production and help you feel less weighed down.

Chamomile Water: Like sleepytime tea for your skin, chamomile keeps your skin from stressing out. Less stress means fewer breakouts and calmer skin.

Every drop of Episode 2 supports your skin’s natural defenses against pore-clogging baddies like pollution. Freeing your skin of bacteria and excess oils can help you avoid acne and breakouts that make you feel uncomfortable. After applying Episode 2, chill out and have a relaxing evening with some moisturizing face mask pampering.

Combination Skin

If you notice that you have an oily t-zone but dryness on other areas of the face, then you’ll need a toner that’s a star in every department.

Moody skin has finally met its match: Episode 3: Balance It Out Balancing Toner. This daily toner keeps skin calm with a balancing blend of ingredients that controls oil and keeps the bacteria in your body happy and healthy.

The ingredients in Episode 3 that help combination skin:

Balancing Blend: This clean blend controls oils and supports natural probiotics that keep your skin happy and healthy. Every area of your face can benefit from this balancing blend.

Lavender and Chamomile Water: The main characters from Episodes 1 and 2 collab well in Episode 3. Lavender helps calm and balance oil so skin can bliss out, while chamomile keeps your skin from stressing out.

Sweep Episode 3 across your entire face and neck without worrying about different areas of your skin behaving in different ways. This toner can perfectly prep your face for some fun multi-masking.

The Toner For You

The first step to creating great skincare is understanding unique skin. Anything that’s put on your face should be made with ingredients that help you feel fresh, bright, and happy.

After you cleanse your face and before you moisturize it, use a toner to help set your skin up for success. All florence toners are thoughtfully crafted with clean ingredients keeping every skin type in mind.

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