What Is Multi-Masking?

February 26, 2022

What Is Multi-Masking?

So, you’re looking to find out what multi-masking is, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Multi-masking brings self-care to the next level. Multi-masking is when you apply different kinds of masks to different areas of your skin. A night of masking can have you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Don’t be mistaken, there are masks for every skin type, and many parts of the body, not just your face. You can apply nourishing care to your face, neck, hair, lips, and even your feet.

Not only are there different masks for every part of the body, but every variation in your skin’s behavior. One part of your face may be begging for a detox, while another craves moisture. Multi-masking lets you customize your pampering to every side of your needs!

When Should You Multi-Mask?

Everyday should be a self-pampering day and sometimes our skin and hair needs some special attention.

You should use a mask depending on what your body needs. If your face is feeling dry or oily, there’s a mask for that. If your hair needs some lovin’, there’s a mask for that too. On the days when you need to give a bit of attention to all of you, multi-masking is perfect.

You may also find that one body part can be sending mixed messages. Your chin can be parched while your forehead is oily (rude). Feel free to customize your face masks so that they work for your skin.

The Different Kinds of Masks

Your entire body can benefit from a good masking, which is why there’s a mask for every occasion. Let’s talk them all over:

Face Masks

There are different kinds of face masks that you can use depending on your skin type and mood.

What is multi-masking infographic by florence by mills

Hydrating Face Masks:

Moisturizing pearls are the perfect way to reset your skin whenever and wherever it’s feeling tired or dry. Simply crush a couple of pearls between your fingers and apply where needed. You can leave the hydrating mask on for 15 minutes or overnight and enjoy locked-in moisture the next day.

florence Hit Reset Moisturising Mask Pearls are packed with niacinamide, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, and hyaluronic acid to leave your skin feeling moisturized, hydrated and soft all day long.

Where to apply? There isn’t just one answer here - it all depends on your skin. Apply to wherever your skin is feeling dry. 

Peel-Off Masks:

Peel-off face masks are fantastic for revitalizing, nourishing, exfoliating, and clarifying your skin. The best peel-off masks are great for acne and clogged pores but also have hydrating properties. Peel-off masks are like a mini facial all on their own. 

Peel-off masks are also great for the gentle exfoliation you get from taking them off after they’ve dried for 20 minutes. Gunk, blackheads, and dirt come off with the masks, leaving skin feeling refreshed and crazy clean.

Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask

florence by mill Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask is filled with purifying charcoal that draws out dirt and oil where it’s unwelcome. Lavender oil brings the chill vibes by calming skin. Just wait until you peel it off!

Where to apply? Again, it’s up to your skin. We recommend putting this mask where you feel extra oily — this is usually your T zone (your forehead, nose, and skin).

Low Key Calming Peel Off Mask

The Low Key Calming Peel Off Mask is actually high-key calming. This facial mask is infused with vitamins, antioxidants, and water lily extract to help calm any skin type. 

Where to apply? If you’re in search of a face mask for a sensitive area of your skin, this is it.

Every mask works differently, and it’s important to find out which one is best for you and your routine.

Image of person clipping up their hair in an FBM claw clip and hair mask

Hair Masks

Say bye-bye to thirsty hair with a deep conditioning hair mask. A hair mask works to help smooth and hydrate your hair while also helping to prevent pesky flyaways and breakage during styling.

As your hair mask rejuvenates your scalp and hair, you might want to consider bringing life to other parts of your body.

Lip Masks

A jelly lip mask works to help nourish our parched lips and help seal in moisture. Squalane and apricot kernel oil work together to soothe lips, so they stay soft. 

A little goes a long way. Tap jelly with your finger and apply to dry lips before bed or use it during the day by leaving it on for 15 minutes and wiping off any excess. Throw on the Purple Eye Mask and Hit Snooze Lip sleeping mask, and dream away.

How To Multi Mask

Multi-masking requires a bit of preparation. You always want to start with a clean surface so that gunk and grime don’t interfere with your ability to absorb all the good nutrients found in every mask.

Hair: To prep your hair for a mask, you should give it a good washing with shampoo. Don’t worry about conditioning your hair, as the mask will take care of that.

Face: Prepping your face calls for two simple steps. Use a face scrub, cleansing gel, or face wash to get off the grime of your day and have a fresh face ready for a mask. Once your face is clean, you’re ready to mask it up.

Lips: Wash your lips like you would your face, and then apply the mask with your finger.

Image of Mills laying over bed holding Hit Snooze Lip Mask

Understand that certain masks may have to be washed off before an overnight mask. Before applying all of your masks, be sure to refer to their instructions so that you can wash them off at the proper time.

Get To Multi-Masking

Feel like a skincare pro as you get to multi-masking, even invite some of your besties over and have a night of ultimate fun and self-care.

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