Where to Apply Blush?

July 07, 2022

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Pictures from your childhood demonstrate how blush can go pretty much anywhere you want it to (haha, shoutout to your Monster High Makeup Kit). Although you’re a bit older now, don’t forget that childhood whimsy! Let’s combine your youthful creativity with some tactical application and bring your blush looks to the next level.

Blush is one of the most fun makeup tools you can use to perk up your cheeks, but as of late, it’s adding magic to other parts of the face too! Blush is versatile and shouldn’t be secluded to the apples of your cheeks. Let’s get into the deets!

Blush: The Basics

Blush comes in different textures and colors, so you can always find the perfect blush for your skin. Whether you have cool or warm undertones or oily or dry skin, you can find a blush that works for you and your look.

Blush is used to complement your skin’s tones and undertones. When you use blush, it brings a flush to your face, making you appear more bright and lively. You can use the magic of blush wherever you find it would work best and give you that sun-kissed flush.

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Where to Put Blush

Listen to your younger self; there’s no right or wrong way to wear blush, but with some tips and tricks, you can bring any look you envision to life. We’ve got some blush application inspo for you too! Here are some of our favorite ways to create stunning blush makeup looks.

Where to Apply Blush infographic by Florence by Mills

Sun-Kissed Nose

Applying a tiny bit of blush over the bridge of your nose can instantly give you a sun-kissed appearance. When the sun’s rays shine down on you, they’ll hit the high points of your face first; your forehead, cheeks, and nose! With a slight flush on the bridge of your nose, everyone will wonder if you just got back from Cancun or Venice? Tell them both!

Full and Flushed Lips

Cream blushes, like Cheek Me Later Cream Blush, are an excellent substitute for traditional lipsticks. Because blush is tinted just like lipstick, it can add a warm tone to your lips that liven them up. 

Add blush to your finger and press it to the center of your lips, then blend it out. You can finish off with a layer of your favorite lip balm or lip gloss. Using a blush that complements your skin tone can give your lips a subtle, neutral undertone that pairs perfectly with a bold, smoky eye.

‘C’ Shape of Color

An excellent technique for applying blush in a way that complements your face shape is the ‘C’ shape technique. The ‘C’ shape goes from the top of your cheeks to right above the end of your eyebrows. Applying blush in a semicircle toward the hairline up to the temples is a simple way to bring a natural flush to your face. The ‘C’ shape looks good on everyone but is especially flattering on heart-shaped faces.

Girl putting on blush on her cheeks

The Classic Cheeks

If you’re sticking with the basics and looking for a classic way to wear your makeup, apply some blush to the apples of your cheeks. You’ll want the blush to blend outward toward your hairline from your cheekbones. Depending on your face shape, your blush may lay differently. Try your best to feel out your bone structure, then use it as a guide for applying your makeup.

Pro-tip: If you’re short on time or want a quick and easy makeup routine, use your blush as eyeshadow too! You won’t find a more perfect shade! 

Girl holding by blush compact 

Blush and Blossom

Although such a slight touch to the face, blush is a fun addition you should keep in your makeup pouch. Depending on your blush color, you can look flushed, sun-kissed, fluttery, or perked up.

Knowing where and how to apply cream blush will elevate your makeup game. You literally cannot go wrong with any blush color if you’re matching the tones of your eyeshadow and lips, so don’t be scared to try something new!

At florence, we’re all about creativity and learning how to express ourselves. With seven different shades of creamy blush and plenty of eyeshadows and lipsticks to match, you can quickly find the perfect combo for you!

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