Claw Clip Hairstyles We Can't Get Enough Of

July 06, 2022

Claw Clip Hairstyles We Can't Get Enough Of

2022 is the year of the claw clip, especially with summer right around the corner. A claw clip can do wonders when we don’t want our hair breathing down our neck or sticking to our face.

Claw clips are a great alternative to hair ties because they unlock so many possibilities. No more tight tangles or scalp pulling; claw clips make for a simple slide-and-secure.

If you didn’t grow up using claw clips, it could take a short while to figure out their potential. Honestly, they’re limitless; you can create tons of styles with these simple widgets. We’ve gathered a few ideas to spark your creativity.

Claw clip hairstyles we can't get enough of by florence by mills

5 Claw Clip Hairstyles to Try

#1 Modified French Twist

Great for a casual humid day when hairs are sticking to your neck or a special night out when you want to pull off a sleek updo; the modified french twist is a fan favorite. The style is achieved by gathering all of your hair in one hand and twisting it upwards until it turns in on itself against your head. Secure it all down with a claw clip and as the French would say, Voila! Tres belle.

Styling tip: Your twist will best stay in place if you use a claw clip large enough to catch all of your hair.

#2 Half-up Half-down

We all know the beauty of a half-up half-down style; your hair stays out of your eyes while still getting to cascade down your back. This look is easy to create and works with pretty much any hair type and length. Use a clip to scoop up your hair from ear to ear and secure it to the back of your head.

Claw tip: Claw clips for thick hair will be longer and have wider teeth to ensure you can catch and secure it all.

florence by mills claw clips

#3 Low Pony

No scrunchie? No problem. You can bundle up your hair into a low ponytail with your favorite claw clip. Not only will a claw clip do the job, but it’s also great for adding volume and texture to your hair. 

Gather up your hair in your hand, twist it around once or twice, and secure it down to the lower half of your head as tight or loosely as is comfortable.

#4 Braided Crown

Get ready to be wowed if you’ve never heard of a braided crown. Braided crowns take only minutes to create but give the impression of salon-level styling. Seriously, a braided crown instantly gives “that girl” vibes.

To create this look, you’ll separate a medium-sized section of your hair closest to your sideburns and braid it up. Do the same to the other side of your head. Once you have two braids done and fastened, you’ll join them together, where they meet at the back of your head, and clip them down. With only five minutes of styling, you can give off effortless royalty all day long.

#5 Messy Bun

A claw clip can elevate any messy bun. Believe it or not, a claw clip makes messy buns easier and classier. Gather your hair and swirl it around your finger as you typically would. Instead of pulling, twisting, and tightening a hair tie, this time, just open and close your clip down. 

florence by mills claw clip and hair mask

Get Funky With Your Claw Clips

Unlike hair ties, claw clips are easy to put in and take out of your hair throughout the day, leaving zero bends or creases in your locks. Keep a hair clip nearby if you need your hair to keep out of your face while you do your skincare routine or practice some yoga moves.

While you do your hair, remember that the beauty of the claw is that it doesn’t demand commitment. A wide-tooth clip doesn’t leave an impression in your hair, meaning you can remove it, and no one will ever suspect it was ever there. 

You can take down your hair and let it flow down your back as if it’s been blowing in the wind all day or restyle it several times as you go from school, to the park, and to dinner.

Whether you plan on using a hair claw clip or not, it should always be a part of your emergency pouch. Clips are so versatile and won’t snap on you when you need them most. Be careful; you'll never go back once you learn how to style with a claw clip. Don’t try to blame us when you fall in love!

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