How Do Pimple Patches Work?

July 06, 2022

How Do Pimple Patches Work?

Do pimple stickers actually work? Actually yes! Welcome to the 21st century of skincare (we love it here). Highlights include jade rollers, face mask pearls, and now, effective pimple patches. What a time to be alive.

Year after year, skincare solutions evolve. Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t be complicated; it should be simple and even fun. Pimple patches give the best of both worlds; they work and they are cute.

The next time a pimple pops up, use a pimple patch. These cute stickers create a seal over your breakout and give them the tender love and care they’re screaming for.

How Do Pimple Patches Work? By florence by mills

Why Do Pimple Patches Work?

Acne occurs when your pores become clogged and blocked with oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and other unwelcome gunk and grime.

Pimple patches are designed to pull out and absorb that gunk and help soothe your skin. How does this work? Well, it’s all about the ingredients in your patch.

Pimple patches are really hydrocolloid patches traditionally used in wound healing. When used on pimples, they seal each spot from bacteria and help remove dirt, oils, and impurities to create a smoother-looking appearance. 

Hydrocolloid patches are made with added ingredients like salicylic acid help exfoliate and clean your skin while decreasing breakouts. On top of helping to reduce a pimple, patches and stickers are typically made with extracts and oils for soothing and softening your skin.

Millie Bobby Brown applying pimple patches

Why Should You Use Pimple Patches?

Although plenty of other solutions to breakouts exist, pimple patches are changing the game. There are three excellent reasons why pimple patches are super skincare tools that everyone should keep in their emergency kits. 

First off, they work! And they work in a pinch. If you find yourself with some quality patches made with formulas that work for your skin type, a pimple patch can handle the mayhem that comes with big breakouts. 

Your skincare staples, like acne creams and moisturizers, are preventative solutions for blackheads, whiteheads, discoloration, and other sometimes inevitable skin problems.  Pimple patches are for the pus-filled blemish. Even those who rarely have a breakout will have a run-in with a pimple now and then; that’s when pimple patches will save the day.

The perks of patches don’t stop there; they’re also great for preventing the one thing you absolutely don’t want to do with your pimples; pick at them. Applying a patch to your pimple protects it from pollution and your own nerves getting the best of you. 

It’s natural to see pus and want to squeeze it out, but this is the last thing you want to do. If you try to pop your pimples, it can force bad bacteria and pus deeper into your skin; causing increased swelling or redness, and even scabs, scars, or discoloration. When an inflamed pimple appears, it’s best to keep hands-off and pop on a patch.

Pimple patches are also excellent for helping you go about your days with more confidence. If you feel like breakouts keep you confined to the house and away from the public’s eye, maybe pimple patches can help. florence zit stickers are designed to be cute and colorful, adding pizzazz to your look. 

Spot A Spot Acne Patches

Who said skincare couldn’t be fashionable too? Not us! florence Spot a Spot Acne Patches are cute purple butterflies, clouds, and whales that transform pimples into fun accent pieces.

Pimple patches are handy miracle workers for so many reasons. Acne treatment can be daunting, but with consistent skincare and a few emergency patches stored away, your next breakout doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Spot a Spot Acne Patches by florence by mills

What to Expect From Pimple Patches

Pimple patches aren’t for any and all acne blemishes; they’re wound healing dressings for a particular type of lesion. Simply put, pimple patches won't solve cystic acne, large-scale breakouts, or other skin problems. Though, for surface-level acne, you can expect great results.

florence by mills Spot a Spot Acne Patches are the ultimate shields for every spot, dot, or blemish peeking out of our skin. Made with skin-loving ingredients like peppermint oil, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil, florence patches tackle each spot head-on. 

When you’re ready to take the plunge into spot treatments, make sure you’re starting with a freshly washed and dried face. Apply one of the cute shapes to your unwanted spot and let it work its magic overnight or throughout the day. The longer your patch is on, the better it can do its job.  

Don’t Pop, Patch-up!

The next time a pimple shows up (which is sure to happen), don’t drive yourself mad trying to fight the urge to pop it. Turn to cute and healing pimple patches for more precise spot healing. Rather than letting gunk build up and fester in your pores, you can get some fast-acting relief by using a patch!

Pimples happen; it’s about time we addressed the issue and created an effective and confidence-building solution. Remember, if you spot a spot, don’t go for the pop; just patch it up!

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