Where Should I Put Highlighter?

June 14, 2022

Where Should I Put Highlighter?

Craving a look that will have you beaming brighter than the sun? We got you! 

Highlighter is bright yet so versatile, which may leave you with the number one question: where should you put your highlighter? 

Like any other kind of makeup, a highlighter can be the star of your look or a subtle addition. If you’ve ever looked at someone and thought to yourself, “wow, the light is hitting them so perfectly,” they’re probably wearing highlighter. Properly placed highlighter can aid in your contour or leave you as glistening as a glazed donut. 

Highlighter is a cosmetic product that reflects light. Figuring out how to apply highlighter has a lot to do with shading and figuring out your angles. If you’re a pro at taking selfies during golden hour, highlighter will come naturally to you as well.

Deciding on where to apply your highlighter is all about where you want to radiate light. Let’s look at your options.

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Places to Apply Highlighter

Highlighter is most often used on the face, but you can apply it anywhere you want some added pizazz. Highlighter goes on the high points of your face, like your cheeks and forehead. Anywhere that the sun hits first makes a good placement for a highlighter.


The most popular place to apply highlighter is on top of your cheekbones. Your cheekbones are typically the highest point on your face and the first place the sun hits when under its rays. Adding a light layer of highlighter to your cheeks will enhance your bone structure and give you that glowy look. You’ll want to blend from mid-cheek upward to avoid creating sharp lines.

The Bridge of Your Nose

The bridge of your nose is the center-most high point of the face. Light will hit the peak of your nose and reflect to either side, adding shimmer and a slight glow to the rest of your face. Blend in your powder or cream well to avoid creating a thick strip.

Your Cupid’s Bow

Your cupid's bow is the dip underneath your nose at the center of your upper lip. Highlighting your cupid’s bow helps perk up your lips and gives them a fuller, more defined shape.

The Inner Corners of Your Eyes

The corners of your eye don’t often catch light and can give your eyes a more sunken look; this is where a highlighter can come in handy. Use a small blending crease brush to add some highlighter and brighten the area. This slight touch of sparkle will give your eyes a brighter and more lively appearance.

Center of Your Eyelids

Highlighter in the center of your eyelids can make your eyes appear glowy and luminous, especially if you’re rocking an overall nude palette. For darker looks, like a smokey-eye, a highlighter is good for creating a contrast effect when hit by light. 

Your Collar Bones

Aside from different areas on your face, you can also wear highlighter on your body; collar bones are a great place to start. Your collar bones protrude from your upper chest area, making them a great place for catching and reflecting light.

Some shine along your collar bones will allow your bone structure to pop, and the light might even reflect up towards your jawline and face, creating an angelic glow.

Your Shoulders

When you’re wearing a tube top, tank top, or off-the-shoulder piece, you might want to consider adding highlighter to your shoulders. Add your highlighter in a circular motion to the high points of your shoulders. This placement will play up your bone structure and give your arms a subtle glow.

The Different Kinds of Highlighters

Highlighters come in all shapes and shades, helping you achieve whatever style you’re going for. Depending on your skin tone, placement, and overall vibe, you might want to use a different highlighter. 

At florence, we have a ton of shimmering supplies to help you get your glow on.

Highlighter Sticks

Highlighter sticks work like lip balm, meaning you can twist up, swipe, blend out, and voila; easy application for all-day sparkle. You can swipe your highlighter stick anywhere on your face or body as long as it’s cleaned and prepped for application.

The Self-Reflecting Highlighter sticks from florence come in three shades; champagne, bronze, and pink. Each one is oil-free, creamy, buildable, and blendable with a gorgeous, luminous glowy finish. You can apply the stick directly to your skin or over a foundation to illuminate any look. 

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Highlighter Sprays

The corner of your eyes require a steady hand and extra precision, but when covering a larger area, a highlighter spray is a great choice. Sprays can get on more of your skin in less time, making them perfect for applying highlighter to your shoulders or collar bones.

Press down on your All That Shimmers Body Highlight Dust to spray shimmer anywhere on your body, then rub it in with your hands. Made with color traveling pearls and diamond powder, this spray delivers radiance from every angle. 

Highlighter Palette 

florence’s Bouncy Cloud Highlighter comes in the classic compact container. You can dip your fingers in or your favorite blush and tap over the places you want to shine most.

This innovative highlighter is a bouncy gel texture that glides on for a creamy and blendable glow, perfect for highlighting your favorite features! Not only does it blend well, but this highlighter is highly pigmented and can be built up for a serious glow.

Get Your Glow On

Now that you know where to put highlighter on your face and body, you can have fun playing around with different pigments and textures.

Just like golds, silvers, and sequins, you can use highlighter for subtle or vibrant looks on any occasion. Mix and match highlighters with mattes, liquids, and powders to unlock multiple effects; the possibilities are truly endless.

Never limit yourself, and always feel free to get your glow on.

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