Mills Musings

June 14, 2022

Mills Musings

Struggle to catch your Zzzs? So does Mills, but we can all try to learn from each other. Here’s Mills’ message to all the dreamers:

Goodnight world, 

Sleeping has always been hard for me, but I found some practices that help me drift off into REM sleep and I wanted to share some with you tonight. My evening routine consists of me shutting off my technology and getting into a warm bath with calming music. I put some salts and magnesium oil to relax my body after a chaotic day I may have had. I then proceed to make chamomile tea and rub in my spray-on magnesium oil onto my hands and feet. After that, I get into bed and spray my night-time pillow spray (LAVENDER? EUCALYPTUS?) where I will lay my head for the night. I cuddle Winnie and read my book until my eyes can’t stay open any longer *yawn*. Goodnight, again. Mills xoxo

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