What Does Setting Spray Do?

June 14, 2022

What Does Setting Spray Do?

Do you ever find yourself practically lugging around your entire vanity in case of an emergency makeup smudge? It’s time you invest in a trusty setting spray.

Setting spray is like hair spray, but for your makeup, it’s the final touch your face needs before you head out into the world. After you’ve worked so hard to do your hair or makeup, you don’t want anything to mess it up; that’s why we use setting sprays; they hold everything in place.

Life is unpredictable; there will be a time when you come home with a different makeup look than you left the house with. More often than we’d hope, life can cause our makeup to fade, smudge, or vanish entirely. Whether you had to run for the bus or a juicy popsicle made you sacrifice the red lip you spent all morning perfecting, makeup can get messy. 

What’s the solution to the makeup mayhem? Setting spray

What Is Setting Spray?

Setting spray is a liquid mist that goes on your face to help keep your makeup in place and fresh all day. A fine mist will mattify your makeup and add a dewy finish that doesn’t weigh you down.

Typical setting sprays contain alcohol and water. Polymer droplets in the alcohol merge together to form a film that holds your makeup in place and provides some waterproofing. At florence, we love a firm hold, but alcohol isn’t something we can get behind. Our Zero Chill Makeup Setting Spray is made with skin-nourishing ingredients that protect your skin and instantly cool to keep your makeup feeling crisp. Trust us, setting spray makes all the difference on a rainy or humid day; it’s basically smudge-be-gone.

There are lots of products designed to keep your makeup fresh all day long, but what makes a spray different from primers, powders, and all the others?

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Makeup Primer vs. Setting Spray

Some believe that the key to creating a long-lasting makeup look is primer. They’re not wrong; primer definitely helps your makeup stay for longer, but primer and setting spray help in different ways.

Primer goes on before you apply your makeup; it helps smooth your skin to create an even base. The even base allows makeup to stick to your skin and prevents lumps that crease and crumble far before your day has ended. Although primer helps, makeup is often applied in multiple layers. The more layers, the further away from your primer, and the more valuable a setting spray!

Setting spray goes on post makeup application. You can think of makeup primer and setting spray like the base coat and top coat you put on your nails; each has its own purpose and are equally important! 

Setting Powder vs. Setting Spray

Setting powder comes in a loose powder form that you can dust on your face with a brush or powder puff. Setting powders are available in tons of shades or come colorless, useful for all skin tones. A perk to a powder that you won’t find in a spray is that it can add a tint that warms up or deepens the shade of your foundation.

Although powders and sprays are both made to hold your makeup still, powders like the You Matte-R Mattifying Setting Powder offer a matte finish while sprays dry more dew-like. Both finishes are great options for all-day makeup, but some days matte or dew can be more suitable for your look. You might also make your choice depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin, try a powder or oil-free spray; if your skin’s on the dryer side, go for a moisturizing spritz.

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How To Use Setting Spray

Once you’ve finished applying your makeup, grab your favorite setting spray and prepare to be mist-ified. Setting spray is the last step of your makeup routine.

When you’re ready to spray, shake up your bottle to make sure all of the ingredients are combined evenly (this prevents splotches). Once shaken, hold up your spray bottle about five to ten inches away from your face, close your eyes, and start spraying. 

You can spray in a circular motion or in an X and T-shape to ensure all your hard work is protected from the elements. When you’ve achieved full coverage, let the spray dry. Once the spray has dried, your makeup is sealed, and you’re ready to go about your day. 

Be careful though besties; too much spray will dissolve your makeup and make it run. You don’t want to drench your face.  Only use enough spritzes to coat your face lightly.

Setting spray can add several hours of life to your makeup. The fewer touch-ups you have to do throughout the day, the more you can focus on enjoying yourself and feeling good. :)

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The Best Setting Spray For All Our Besties

If you’re unsure what setting powder or spray you should use, we have a sure-bet solution: florence’s Zero Chill Makeup Setting Spray. With no alcohol, this spray is excellent for oil control and moisturizing, all while setting your makeup for an all-day slay.

Reach for this hydrating setting spray to give your makeup more staying power and prevent a zero chill mood. Zero Chill is made with watermelon and apple extracts to help moisturize your skin and leave it feeling hydrated even after your makeup sets.

What really sets the florence Zero Chill Makeup Setting Spray apart from the others? It’s made with plankton extract to help defend against the damaging effects of artificial blue light coming from our electronic devices. Who doesn’t want to snap a few selfies after working so hard on creating the perfect look?

If you want to get the most out of your makeup, you need a setting spray. During the sizzling summer heat or the stress-filled school year, you will thank yourself for having invested in a setting spray now. With all those minutes saved on retouching your makeup, you may be able to finally finish all those TikTok drafts you have stored. 

Forget makeup retouches and say hello to unforgettable moments, XOXO - the florence team.

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