How to Depuff Your Eyes

June 14, 2022

How to Depuff Your Eyes

We’re not talking about cheesy snacks or makeup applicators; we’re talking about a much less appealing kind of puff, the one around your eyes. Puffy eyes are something that we all deal with at least once in a while. They’re not the end of the world, but they don’t always help you feel your best. 

Puffy eyes may be reflecting the chaos and stress brewing within you. Although it’s totally normal to feel bogged down by all that life throws at you, it doesn’t have to show on your face if you don’t want it to.

If you wake up exhausted or get home from a long day and feel puffiness around your eyes, there are plenty of solutions to help you cool things down and refresh. 

Why Do Our Eyes Get Puffy

Your eyes can be puffy for numerous reasons. Whether you’re tired, dehydrated, or overwhelmed, your eyes can be an easy target for puffiness. The tissue around your eyes is sensitive and easily irritated, so puffiness is a totally normal thing to experience.

When your body’s tired or malnourished, blood circulation around your eyes slows down, allowing blood to pool there. On the outside, this lack of circulation is reflected in your puffy eyes.

The delicate eye area can respond to internal and external factors in several ways. From dark circles to swelling and even eye bags, your eyes are trying to accommodate stress. By managing your stress and using a few self-pampering techniques, you can bring some comfort to your eyes.

Ways To Depuff Your Eyes

Puffy eyes are generally temporary but can be bothersome; they’re certainly not a part of the look you’re going for. On the prowl for some quick and simple solutions? We’ve got you covered. 

There are plenty of simple self-care practices that can make you feel less puffy and more sunny. Here are our six tips for preventing and soothing puffy eyes:

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#1 Stay Hydrated

You might assume that extra water in your system would increase the flush and fullness of your face, but it actually helps the area around your eyes chill out. 

Depending on your body’s sodium and moisture levels, your skin may hold onto more water than it needs in an attempt to counteract dehydration. By regularly drinking water, your skin can feel better about letting go of the water it’s storing underneath your eyes, and you can have less puffiness to worry about.

#2 Get Your Beauty Sleep

They call it beauty sleep for a reason; it’s not all fairy tales and hocus pocus. Your eyes are put under a lot of pressure day after day; they’re constantly trying to keep up with the stimulating physical and digital world around you. With so much to look at, your eyes can become tired, puffy, or droop. Give your eyes some rest with a restorative night's sleep. 

By getting proper rest and giving your eyes the literal downtime they need to relax, you can help rejuvenate them and kick away the puffiness. 

#3 Use Gel Eye Masks

If puffy eyes make their appearance in your life too often for comfort, it’s time to keep a florence secret weapon in your medicine cabinet for safety: under-eye gel masks.

Eye masks are great to pop under your eyes at the start or end of a busy day; they’re like your eyes’ signal that it’s time to relax and depuff.

Go from puff to perk with Floating Under The Eyes Depuffing Gel Pads. These cute lil cloud gel patches float under our eyes with caffeine extract to help wake up tired, puffy skin that sometimes can create the appearance of dark circles. Each pad is soaked in green tea extract to soothe and cactus extract to hydrate, helping you start your day off on the right foot.

If you’re looking for less perk and more pamper, turn to Swimming Under The Eyes Gel Pads, cute lil whale gel patches that are soaked in a soothing essence that hydrates with hyaluronic acid.

Place a pair of clouds or whales underneath your eyes and let them work their magic. After 10-15 minutes, you should see a reduction in puffiness and have a better feeling facing the day.

millie bobby brown with under eye gel pads

#4 Facial Massage

When life’s stressing out, your body’s going to have something to say about it. Your muscles tense up, your body begins cramping, and you feel discomfort overall. Well, the same thing can happen with the muscles and glands around your eyes. Sorry if that triggered you into overthinking, but doesn’t a massage sound nice right about now?

Facial massages can help relieve tension around your eyes when life becomes too overwhelming. Use the tips of your fingers and push upward and outward along the perimeter of your eye socket. Massaging the area around your eyes for a few minutes can help you literally rub the puffiness away.

#5 Use A Calming Face Mask or Moisturizer

Sensitive skin is common; irritation, flare-ups, and swelling aren’t a mystery to many. It’s no wonder soothing face masks, and calming moisturizers are considered must-have skincare products for millions.

With the right face mask and moisturizer, you can give your face some well-deserved pampering. When your skin is calm, your eyes can release any built-up tension, allowing them to depuff. 

Hit Reset Moisturizing Mask Pearls are one of our favorite ways to rehydrate our skin. Each pearl is packed with moisturizing and soothing ingredients, ready to give your skin the relaxation it deserves. The best part? If you tend to wake up with puffy eyes, you can try to stay one step ahead and leave this mask on overnight.

Feel like screen time is a big contributor to the drowsiness in your eyes? Up In The Clouds Blue Light Protection Facial Moisturizer is the perfect solution. This moisturizer was designed to defend against the damaging effects of artificial blue light coming from our electronic devices. Help the skin around your eyes avoid the drain with this moisturizing florence formulation.

When your skin can relax, so can you!

#6 Use Eye Balms or Eye Creams

A calm balm? Yes, please. 

Look Alive Eye Balm helps us look alive after a long night of binge-watching! The cooling metal tip used to apply this balm helps de-puff while vitamin B12, snow mushroom, malachite extract, and a peptide blend provide a super-charged rush for tired eyes! Give this calm balm a go in the morning as part of your wake-up-and-go ritual.

Looking for even more pizazz to liven up your face in the morning? The florence team designed Look Alive Eye Cream to be the best eye cream for puffiness you’ve used yet. This eye cream visibly brightens and helps reduce the appearance of dark circles while providing an anti-fatigue effect for a more radiant appearance. Apricot kernel oil and shea butter soften and moisturize your skin to create a smooth canvas, while green coffee oil provides antioxidants that help us look alive!

Apply one pump of the balm or cream to the area right below your eyes and gently massage the moisturizing formulas into your skin. Poof! Puff be gone!

Tough Luck Puff

We hope a few of these tips or a combination of them has helped you say enough to the puff. By mixing long-term practices like drinking water and getting your Zzzs with quick and easy solutions like balms and the best creams for puffy eyes, you can prevent any puff problems that get in your way.

Remember to stay hydrated, get your beauty sleep, massage your face, and use some pampering masks, balms, and creams. These solutions will make a world of difference to any puffiness or tension around your eyes. 

Let’s make sure your eyes are expressing who you are, not how late you stayed up binging Netflix last night.

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