Ways to Shake Up Your Eyeliner

February 26, 2022

Ways to Shake Up Your Eyeliner

The everyday black wing or cat eyeliner is just as iconic as the little black dress, but you should never fear shaking things up.

Switching up your eyeliner look is as natural as transitioning from a simple, clear lip gloss to a bold, velvet lipstick. Neither makeup look is better or more appropriate; you just want more ways to express yourself on any day of the week.

You can use any eye makeup product however you’d like, especially when it’s formulated with only clean ingredients. We’ve got some tips and tricks that will definitely be the inspo you need to shake up your eyeliner.

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Smokey liner

A smokey liner look is easy to create, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less stunning. This is our secret weapon to topping off any edgy look. You can use a brown or black liner (or any colored liner for that matter) and apply it around the outer edge of your lash line. Once on, smudge with your finger or brush, and voila, you’re officially the drama.

Using darker shades is great for creating contrast and making your eye color stand out.

Double-Winged eyeliner

Did you ask for a double espresso? No, better, a double-winged eyeliner. This look uses all the techniques you’ve built up over the years and just calls for a dual application.

#DoubleWingLiner is when you apply your typical wing on your upper lash line and then another on your lower lash line. Although trendy today, this look has been around for decades and is said to be universally flattering.

Whether your go-to is purrfect cat eye or fox look, just double it up.

Multi-Colored (The Best of Both Worlds)

Are you struggling to choose between blue and purple liners? Use both! The multi-colored look is like the double wing, but with a little extra umph.

There’s no harm in adding color to your makeup look. Add one color to your top lash line and another to your bottom wing. Multi-colored is super fun and especially stands out when your outfit is made with neutral tones.

If one colored eyeliner is far enough out of the box for you, you can even try out a monochrome look. Use a darker purple on your top lash, a lighter one on your lower, and a poppin’ purple lip balm to match.

Don’t be afraid of color; it can be the missing ingredient to the look that will make you feel most like yourself.

Floating Crease

The floating crease eyeliner look is super bold. You just apply your standard wing and then add another from the corner of your eye out and across the crease of your eyelid.

You can go bright with color for the upper crease or even shiny with a highlighter. Your crease can be thick or thin and connect with your lower line or not. Mess around with different looks and uncover your perfect wing.

Dotted Eyeliner

Are you feeling bubbly? The dotted eyeliner look is a bit more graphic than others and is definitely attention-grabbing.

Start with a traditional black eyeliner wing, and then add three or four simple dots below or above the line beside your outer corner. You can make each dot the same size or have them go from thick to thin like your wing.

Light Waterline

Didn’t catch enough Zzzs last night or just looking for a dewy glow? You can achieve an instantly brighter look with the help of a white or flesh-toned eye pencil. 

A light shade applied along your waterline is subtle but can really make your eyes pop. Top with mascara and voila — you are out the door.

Mind Your Line

Your typical look may include the perfect cat eye or wing, but you should never hesitate to mixi things up. As you learn more about your features, makeup, and the best eyeliner pencil for your various looks, you’ll be able to discover what works best for you! 

The florence by mills What’s My Line? Eyeliners let you draw outside the lines and show your true colors. Self-expression is everything, and these easy-to-use cream eyeliners glide on smoothly, making for effortless application even when you’re spicing things up. 

Best of all? Your masterpiece won’t go to waste; florence eyeliners last for up to 12 hours on the eyes, so you never have to worry over smudges or smears.

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