Hairstyles For Every Day of the Week

February 26, 2022

Hairstyles For Every Day of the Week

It’s a great idea to switch up your hairstyle for each day of the week; it’s not like you're a cartoon character or something. 

Each day, a different hairstyle can promote hair health, self-love, creativity and keep you open to expressing yourself in different ways. 

Let’s be honest, consistently switching up your hairstyle can keep everyone guessing which adds major points to your mysterious factor. 

Rocking a different hairstyle can help you embrace every side of yourself. On sporty days, you’re going to want a no-fuss and all-fun style. When it’s time to chill out and take a breather, you’ll want a style that lets you destress and just focus on nourishing yourself.

If you’re looking to change up your look from day to day, we’ve created a list of easy hairstyles for school and weekends out that you can try for yourself. Always feel free to take our guide and make it your own.

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Hairstyles for every day of the week infographic by florence by mills

Monday: Messy Bun

Monday’s are one of the most challenging days to get yourself “pumped”. Getting out of bed, out the door, and off to school can be a daunting task. Skip the Monday madness by going for an easy hairstyle like the messy bun.

Whether you’re starting the week with a banging outfit or the cozy casuals, a messy bun can be a completely intentional decision that adds spice to your look. A messy bun is like any other but with a lot more bobby pins.

Gather up all your hair into a ponytail, give it a few twists and turns, fasten with a cute velour scrunchie, and then pull out a few sprigs and ends for a quick and easy messy bun. 

Tuesday: Bubble Pony

A bubble ponytail is super easy but so much fun. If you’re looking for a cute hairstyle, this is the one for you.

This hairstyle is like a standard ponytail but with a bit more cha cha cha. To create this look, you’re going to fasten your hair into a ponytail like you usually do and then work your way down, adding in hair ties to create bubbles until you’ve run out of space.

Wednesday: Pig Tails

On Wednesday, we wear pigtails. 

You’re going to want a style that will be easy to get together, will last all day, and just get you through to Thursday and closer to Friday. 

Pigtails are a super simple style that can boost your mood. They’re a fun, sporty, and low-maintenance hairstyle for school.

To create pigtails, you’re going to detangle your hair with a hair detangler spray, and then part it down the middle. Once parted, simply fasten both halves into a hair tie, and you’ve got two cutsie pigtails. 

Pigtails work for short and long hair, but also straight and curly hair. Our curly-haired besties like to call their pigtails pom-poms.

Pro-tip: If your hair is really getting in the way, braid your pigtails. This cute, zero hassle look, is the perfect transition for any sports practice.   

Thursday: Claw Clip Up-Do

Image of person using florence by mills claw clip

On Thursdays, a claw clip twist-up is the perfect look. Whether you’re rocking a half-up half-down style, a messy twist and secure, or a polished twist and twirl, clips can be the mane star of your look.

Comb through your hair, twirl it around your finger, flip it up, and secure it with a claw clip. This look is simple, fun, effortless, and won’t cause your hair to have any bumps or bends. 

Friday: Braids

Fridays are a great day to put your hair up into some flawless braids. Braids are great for Fridays because they’re such low-maintenance hair styling. From classes to after-school sports, and even bonfire nights with the gang, a sturdy braid can keep all your hair in place.

Different braid techniques to give a try:

  • Dutch braids
  • Fishtail braids
  • French braids

Try braiding the top half of your hair and letting it flow into those loose locks, or even use the braids to secure a set of pigtails to your scalp.

Braids are also great for the days you’re looking to give your hair some extra love. If you’re using a leave-in conditioner or hair mask, braid hairstyles are the perfect way to lock in the moisture throughout the day while the formulas work their magic.

Always thoroughly detangle your hair with a leave-in detangling spray to make braiding up your hair hassle and knot-free.

Saturday: Let Your Hair Down

Phew, you made it through the week! On Saturdays, we’re ready to unwind and relax, making it the perfect time to let our hair breathe and just go with the flow.

Wearing your hair down is definitely a hairstyle, and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can do a side part or one right down the middle, or even clip back the sides for a relaxed fringe look.

While your hair’s flowing in the wind, your scalp has time to breathe.

Sunday: Lock-in Moisture Low Buns

Sunday-Bunday! If Sunday is the day of the week when you have the most time to give your hair some deep love and attention, then a low double bun is the perfect hairstyle.

Take your time brushing, detangling, and filling your hair with the products that make it feel its best. Part your hair, tie up both sides in a soft scrunchie, and twist to lock in moisture that will keep your hair happy throughout the upcoming week.

Two buns are better than one when it comes to hair health. Parting your hair into two halves gives your scalp a bit of relief and helps prevent knots and tangles.

Double buns are great for all hair types and occasions. Leave a bit of fringe, sideburns, bangs, or accent strands out to flatter your face shape, or pull it all back and keep fly-away free.

Styling Supplies That Help

For every hairstyle, you’re going to need the magic tools that make it all happen. Your greatest asset is your inner creativity and imagination, but we can all use a bit of external support.

Here’s our florence toolkit to help you get through a week of stunning styles while keeping your hair healthy and strong: 

Scrunchie Pack: florence scrunchies are made with a soft velour fabric that’s gentle on your hair and keeps it from breaking or becoming damaged. For your buns, pony and pigtails, a scrunchie helps keep it all together.

Mane Character Vibes Hydrating Hair Mask: Apply this deep conditioning hair mask on your wet hair for a few minutes and let it smooth and hydrate your hair. This mask helps prevent pesky flyaways and breakage during styling. Mmmmm, is that watermelon you smell? It sure is!

No Drama Hair Detangling Spray: This lightweight spray conditions, detangles, and protects your hair from damaging heat styling and breakage. With each spritz, you can say bye-bye to hair drama and hello to soft, smooth hair.

Claw Hair Clips: These clips hold your hair in place, perfect for lounging at home, studying at school, or hanging out with friends. These guys are large, making them ideal for holding your hair no matter its length or thickness.

These supportive style tools are what we like to call hair helpers.

Image of person holding up florence by mills hair mask

Happy Hair

The number one requirement for creating happy hair is promoting healthy hair. At florence, we use only clean ingredients that fill your hair with vitamins, antioxidants, and oils that help your hair grow and strengthen.

Serve those styles each day of the week and know that whatever makes you feel good is what makes you look good!

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Vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals, and other clean ingredients. We create safe products that really work and are designed to make you feel good. No parabens, sulfates, animal testing or animal by-products, ever!

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