Mills Musings

February 23, 2022

Mills Musings

Big new florence fam! We are so excited to share something that we have been working on at florence HQ. Our amazing founder, Millie Bobby Brown will be writing a column on our blog to share her thoughts and musings on a range of wellness topics.

Here at florence we care deeply about your mental and emotional health, in addition to the products you put on your bodies. We are excited to expand the conversation into other area's of your life so that we are in step with you toward the the healthiest, happiest you.  

Mills was inspired to write this first post while traveling in the Maldives.  


Greetings to all, wherever you are in the world.  

Happy 2022! It’s mills here and I’m really excited to kick off this new year with a blog styled diary entry. Every month, starting now, I plan to fill you in on the findings, discoveries and news of the previous month. Our Florence by Mills family is made up of beautiful humans that are continuously growing and experimenting when it comes to understanding their skin, hair, and most importantly, themselves. I have always had a deep appreciation for writing and my hope is that through this new blog, we can all feel more closely connected.  I look forward to igniting diverse, positive, encouraging, honest and delightful discussions that all will feel welcome to engage.

 So, you may ask, why did I choose to do this? The answer is simply that I am so proud to be part of a vocal and active generation of change-makers, of rabble rousers, optimists and realists that want to shake things up for the better.  Our collective influence on beauty, health, lifestyle and well-being is helpful for everyone as we never stop learning. I want you to come with me on this journey of self-exploration to learn more about ourselves and eachother. This is for everyone!

See you shortly! 

Mills xoxo

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