How to Use A Face Mask Brush

January 28, 2022

How to Use A Face Mask Brush

A night of self-pampering is always a good time, and if you’ve found a way to work a self-loving skincare routine into your life, we’re so proud *eek*.

Now it’s time that you maximize the potential of your pampering by getting the right tools. You use cotton rounds for toners, brushes for makeup so it’s time you had a face mask applicator for your face masks!

3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Face Mask Brush

Face masks can be tons of fun. Not only do face masks nourish and refresh your skin, but they can also be a great way to squeeze in a chunk of #metime. 

The symbol of self-care seems to be the face mask, so let’s take things a step further and elevate your experience with a face mask brush. Here’s why you need one ASAP:

How to Use A Face Mask Brush

#1 Hands Carry Grime

Using your hands to apply skincare products may bring more giggles to your routine, but it can counter the benefits you’re looking for. You’ve probably noticed that the skin on your hands behaves differently from that on your face. 

Touching your face can spread grime, oil, and bad bacteria from your hands to your face. If you don’t want your face mask to be laid over a not-so-clean surface, then a face mask brush is the perfect solution.

With a brush, you can apply your face masks worry-free.

#2 Even Layers Work Best

Face masks bring smooth and happy care to your skin, especially when thoroughly and evenly applied. A face mask brush can ensure you get all the benefits of a face mask and full coverage. 

Face masks work best when in direct contact with your skin. The more, the merrier may be the best policy for friends, but it certainly isn’t when it comes to uneven layers of skincare.

Liquid masks, like the Mind Glowing or Low-Key Calming peel-off masks, are best applied with a brush.

face masks

It’s important to apply enough of your mask to get all the calming vibes, but not so much that you’re putting all the mind glowing goodness to waste. 

An even layer ensures that charcoal powder, lavender oil, and witch hazel can all work their magic on both your skin and mood. Use a face mask brush to help you apply every and any skin-loving formula. 

#3 You Don’t Want To Waste A Drop

Having the products in your vanity or skincare bag that help you feel your best makes us feel unstoppable. When we have what we need to be ourselves, nourish our skin, and feel good, we can take on the world.

If face masks are a part of your skincare routine, then you don’t want to find that you’ve washed and prepped your face just to not have enough product to get the job done. 

Silicone brushes are the ultimate way to ensure that you’re using every last drop of your face masks. Think about how helpful your baking spatula is when trying to spread icing: it gets the job done, doesn’t stick, and lets you get all the icing out of the bowl.

When you use a silicone face mask brush, you can feel assured that you’re not wasting any of your products and have exactly what you need to stick to your routine.

Mask Applicator Care 101

face mask applicator

Where To Store

Store your face mask brush in a place where it won’t get damaged or dirty. If you have a make-up drawer, case, or bag with a section for your makeup brushes, this is an excellent spot to store yours away. 

If you’re going out of town or spending a night out, store your brush in a portable cosmetic bag with your other necessities. You’ll be able to keep your brush safe, sound, and ready for action.

When To Replace

If you keep your facial mask brush clean and store it away safely, it should stay fresh.

Clean your brush by washing extra sticky products off of it in warm water. Try to clean your favorite face mask applicator with soap after each use.

A silicone brush is durable, so you shouldn’t have to replace it often at all as long as you care for it as it cares for you.

Level Up Your Face Mask Routine

A face mask applicator is a fantastic way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your face masks!

When you apply only clean skincare, in even layers, and get to use every drop of your face mask, you’re nourishing your skin and yourself.

Be sure to have the right tools for the right job every time.

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