Tips for Using An Eyebrow Pencil

August 30, 2022

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Whether you want to tame your brows or give them a fuller look, an eyebrow pencil is a must-have in everyone's makeup bag. 

Eyebrows can be easy to overlook, but they do a big part in framing your face and showing your expressions. Using an eyebrow pencil can help define and shape your eyebrows.

A bold brow moment can be a look in its own right, or fluffy brows can be the perfect way to finish off your look. 

Eyebrow pencils are perfect for filling in sparse brows or adding in a little definition. We rounded up a couple of tips that make it easy to create your best brows yet!

how to use an eyebrow pencil

Pick the Best Eyebrow Pencil

Don’t let your tools hold you back. Having the wrong products can be a battle, so make sure to get the best brow pencil that can do the job for you.  

Our Tint n Tame Eyebrow Pencil can help you with just about anything when it comes to brows. This creamy and easy-to-apply pencil is made with conditioning ingredients to help with a smooth and seamless application. It even has an angled tip for precise control and a built-in spoolie brush to fluff and blend evenly. 

Who knew brows could look this good?

Brush ‘em Up

Before you go to town with your eyebrow pencil, make sure to brush up your brow hairs with a spoolie. Brush them in the direction of your hair growth, which usually means up near the front of your brows and out near the ends of your brows. This will help you find the natural brow line that can be hiding from you! With a good comb-through, you can start to understand their shape. 

Shot for a Smooth Shape

Always map out what type of look you are going for. If you want more natural brows there are a couple of things you want to stay away from. Here are the no-nos: 

  • Don’t create square and harsh lines in the front area of your brows
  • Don’t create an exaggerated or high arch in the middle of your brows
  • Don’t overextend your brow too much

From fluffy to thin, your shape can depend on what vision you had for your brows and your natural brow shape. Don’t shy away from experimenting with your brows! 

Pick The Right Color 

Pick a color too dark, and your brows can be overpowering. Pick a color too light, and your hard work is barely noticeable. 

how to use eyebrow pencil | florence

A good rule of thumb is to attempt to match the color of your natural brows. If you have super light eyebrows, you can opt for a half shade darker than your natural brows.

Bestie Advice: Always test the product before picking your color. A quick swatch on your arm or brow can help determine your perfect match. 

Less is More

Remember, it's always easier to add than to remove products. 

Start by gently filling the sparse areas of your brows, drawing on hair strokes with a light hand. Rather than pressing down hard with the product, use a flicking motion to create realistic brows. 

As you add in with the defining pencil, remember that your brows don't have to look exactly the same. They are sisters, not twins! 

You can take a step back from your mirror to get a feel of how much product you need to add. If you added in a little too much, buff out your mistakes with a spoolie. 

Use A Brow Gel

Brows can be stubborn. Once you perfect your brows, make sure your look will last all day with a brow gel. 

Our brow gel sculpts brows into shape when they’re acting like wild things. You can use a tinted brow gel to create an even bolder look or use a clear one if the eyebrow pencil did the job just right. 

Just comb the gel through your brows, going with the hair pattern to create a sleek look or against it to fluff it up.

Banging Brows  

An eyebrow pencil may be just what you need to reach your big-brow goals. With some help from our tips and some practice, we know you will get those beloved brows in no time. 

Want more tips and tricks from your besties? Our blog page has everything you need to help you express yourself and feel like your best self. 

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