Mills Musings

January 09, 2023

Mills Musings

Ready to kickstart the new year? Here’s what Mills’ wanted to share with all you curious cats out there:

Hi, it’s Mills! Glad to be writing back on here again. I have been busy and I don’t give myself the time to write which is what I truly enjoy doing. I have been really focused on my animals recently. I have grown such a deep appreciation for how they so generously give their love to me. I find it so fascinating that they trust me and love me even though genetically, we have no attachment except eye contact. I have been working with local shelters all over the country and asking questions. Being curious is one of my new year resolutions. Not being afraid to ask questions and to better understand topics that intrigue me. I wish for everyone to spend quality time with your animals, even if that be the daring squirrel in your backyard or the bird the feeds off your tree. They know love and so do we!

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