There Is A Right Way To Detangle Your Hair - Here's How!

May 05, 2022

There Is A Right Way To Detangle Your Hair - Here's How!

Slinkies, necklaces, and most complicated of all: hair. Detangling is an art but something you can surely master when given the proper technique. You may be suffering the consequences of detangling your hair improperly, but it’s time we help you fix that!

If you’re brushing or combing your natural hair any ol’ which way, hoping to get rid of knots and tangles, you’re probably causing more damage than you’d expect. Improper brushing can rip out your hair, cause breakage, create split ends, and do more harm than good.

Of course, not everyone has the same hair type, so detangling each head of hair can look different. Luckily for you, we’ve broken things down into navigating straight vs. curly hair. If your hair type’s somewhere in between (wavy or only slightly curly) you can pick and choose the steps you think would work best for you.

How to Detangle curly and straight hair by florence by mills

How To Detangle Straight Hair

Detangling straight hair can be tedious, but we’re here to help. For starters, you’ll want to prep your hair by washing it and giving it a quick dry. Don’t completely dry your hair, but also, don’t leave it soaking.

With a clean and slightly damp head of hair, you will grab your best hair detangler brush and some No Drama Hair Detangling Spray and get to work. This duo is the key to healthy detangling. florence’s Hair Detangling Spray is formulated to help your hair remain smooth, soft, and intact no matter how tight the tangle. Hint: the stronger your brush’s bristles, the better.

florence by mills hair detangler spray

Once prepped, grab your brush and start working your way through one medium-sized section of your hair. It’s best to make a fist around the center of each section and brush out any knots from the midway point to the ends of your hair. Work your way up until you can brush through each section without a problem. By gripping your hair tightly in your hand, you keep from tugging at the scalp and causing unnecessary damage. 

Once your hair is fully brushed, you can style it for the day or tie it up in a Claw Hair Clip to keep it from reknotting. If you plan on styling with heat, you did yourself a huge solid by using the hair detangling spray; not only does it condition and detangle, but it also protects from any heat damage to come.

How To Detangle Curly Hair

Detangling curly hair is a whole arm workout, we know. Because curls and coils curl into each other, they can quickly form knots and tangle within seconds of de-knotting. With that being said, within the curly community, there are different curl patterns, each deserving its own custom care.

In general, curly hair is easiest to detangle when it’s wet and has had some time to soak in conditioner. That’s right; first, you’ll want to shampoo your hair (if it’s a wash day), and then rake conditioner or the florence Hydrating Hair Mask through your curls with your fingers. By combing through with your fingers first, you’ll be able to separate your curls and make sure they’re all getting the chance to absorb the hydrating and nourishing oils found in your hair mask.

It’s best to let your conditioner or mask sit in your hair for at least three minutes so that it can actually work its magic and condition (five minutes is best). When you and your hair are ready, grab a Wide Tooth Shower Comb and start working your way through one medium-sized section of your hair. 

If you have longer hair, make a fist around the center of the section you’re working on. Comb knots out from your pinky to the ends of your hair. Once your comb runs through the section smoothly (without running into knots), move your fist up and comb through the rest. By gripping your hair above the root, you’re preventing yourself from tugging out any strands from your scalp and causing damage. 

Once you’ve fully worked your way around your scalp and combed through each section of your hair, you can rinse out the conditioner by running your fingers through your curls.

You can get knots out of your hair and detangle dry as well, but when handling curls, it’s best to work with dampness. Combing or brushing through dry curls causes your curl pattern to fade and frizz to appear, which is perfect for sculpting a powerful ‘fro. A few spritzes of hair detangler spray and a hair pick can untangle knots, lengthen your curls, and add tons of volume for you to rock.

hair spray detangler and hydrating hair mask florence by mills

Detangled and Free 

When you detangle your hair the proper way, you’re making things a whole lot easier for you and your hair. Tangled hair is no fun to deal with, and it can really hold up your hair growth and getting ready process.

Whether you have straight, curly, wavy, fine, or thick hair, there’s a way to free yourself of tangles and let smooth, knotless hair shine through.

With some spritzes of magic detangling oils and a wide-tooth comb or brush that works for your hair type, you can poof tangled hair away.

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