Mills Musings

April 21, 2022

Mills Musings

Hey flo fam! More than one season changing has inspired Mills to share what’s been on her mind lately. We’re not sure what’s more exciting; the transition from Winter to Spring or from Euphoria Season 1 to Season 2. Which one got you thinking more about the world around you? We’d love to know!

This is what Mills had to say in her latest blog entry:

Woooahhh. Okay just finished euphoria and I cried endless times. How good is everyone on that show? Aside from the serious, real-life themes depicted on euphoria, I also paid attention to the fashion, hair and makeup. It’s so colourful and shiny and made me think we could use some glitter in Florence by mills, let me know pls! The glitter, shapes, colours, and looks they create are too iconic to not serve as inspiration. Winnie is beside me right now and I am on the way to work, writing this. I feel like some big-time writer just typing away on my laptop. I hope people watching me think “oh wow she must be writing some philosophical masterpiece” (I am btw). Anyways, recently my skin has been feeling good and clean. It could be a multitude of things, I wonder if winter time is drying out my pores which is letting my skin breathe or the fact I’m wearing much less makeup than I was last year. I think it must be a combination. Just remember, take it easy on makeup and give your skin little vacations to just focus on just skincare because it deserves a break. Let me know how that works for you! 

See you soon!

Mills xoxo

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