How Color Correcting Makeup Works

August 31, 2022

color correction makeup | florence by mills

You have probably seen beauty influencers boasting about the magic of color-correcting makeup on your TikTok feed. Dark circles, breakouts, and uneven skin tone are no match for the power of a properly used color corrector. 

With so many different techniques and products, color correcting can seem like an overwhelming step to implement into your everyday makeup routine. Have you seen the Youtube videos with beauty gurus covered in almost every shade of the rainbow? 

In reality, color correction makeup isn’t just for makeup artists. With a little bit of research and the right products, color correcting can be a breeze for any bestie! 

If you want to level up your regular concealing technique or love experimenting with makeup trends, then keep reading. 

What Is Color Correction? 

If you’ve ever taken an art elective and actually paid attention, you may have a leg up in color correction makeup. 

Color correction is a technique that uses complementary colors to neutralize anything from unwanted redness to undereye bags. There is a huge variety of color correction products, coming in the form of creams, concealers, primers, and powders. Some products specialize in one color, while others provide a palette of popular color correcting shades. 

So now for the number one question…

What Color Should I Use?

You might want to pull out the color wheel for this one. Remember that complementary colors (AKA opposite pairings on the color wheel) cancel each other out, creating a neutral base for your makeup.

Let's give it a try with an IRL example. Think of what color you want to target. Let’s say redness from a breakout. Now look at the color across from red on the color wheel; in this case, it would be green. Viola! You have found your color match that will “erase” that pesky redness. 

While on the hunt for your shade, remember that deeper shades work best on darker skin tones while lighter shades work best for fairer skin tones. 

To make things easy peasy here is a quick overview of typical color correction shades:

what is color correction | florence by mills
  • Green: Cancels out redness (think breakouts, acne scars, or even sunburn)
  • Purple or Lavender: Brightens a dull or sallow complexion, canceling out yellow
  • Yellow: Creates more even skin tone, canceling out purple
  • Orange or Peach: Cancels out blue or purple of under-eye circles or veins

How to Apply Color Correcting Makeup 

If you want to get a little more coverage and correction, go for a color-correcting primer or concealer that will go underneath your everyday face makeup. 

Make sure to keep in mind that with any color correcting cream or concealer — less is more. Gently apply the product to your skin with your fingertips to your desired areas, and then press (don’t swipe) foundation or tinted moisturizer on top. If you need more coverage, add some concealer with a makeup sponge. 

If you are a makeup newbie or just like to keep your beauty routine on the simpler side, then it’s best to start out with a color-correcting powder.  

Our Call It Even Color-Correcting Powder is formulated to smooth out an uneven skin tone and revitalize a dull complexion. We included the most powerful colors of the rainbow when it comes to beauty.  Green colors neutralize redness, yellow and peach colors brighten dull skin, while lavender counteracts the appearance of dark spots. 

color correction, before and after

This correcting palette isn’t just pretty on the outside. This rainbow of colors contains nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, castor & macadamia oils, this powder leaves skin happy and glowing inside and out!

How to Use Color Correcting Powder?

  1. Grab your fluffiest large powder brush
  2. Apply the powder straight to skin if you’re feeling like a no makeup day, or apply on top of foundation or skin tint to minimize shine. 
  3. Brag to your besties about your new secret trick! 

A color correcting powder is perfect for the days when you don’t want to apply a full face, but still want to tone down redness. For the days when you want to go all out, it is the finishing touch on your look. 

The Power of Color

We love experimenting with color – it’s one of the ways we can express ourselves, whether it's inside the art classroom or in our makeup routine. At florence by mills, we want to give our besties the tools to explore the things that empower them. We create safe products that really work and are designed to make you feel good!

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Vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals, and other clean ingredients. We create safe products that really work and are designed to make you feel good. No parabens, sulfates, animal testing or animal by-products, ever!

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