How To Help Makeup Last All Day, Even In The Heat

August 30, 2022

how to make makeup last all day | florence

Picture this — it’s the first picnic of the summer, and you look in-👏cred-👏-ib-👏-le. Perfect outfit. Matching scrunchie. Highlight popping. It’s a dream come true.

But then, the breeze dies down, and the heat creeps in.

Buzzing air. Beating sun. Sweat streaking down your face. Some salt gets in your eyes, so you wipe it off. No biggie, right? Not exactly.

You take one look at your hand and discover that little swipe took half your foundation along with it. Uh, oh. 

Melted makeup is an all too simple problem that affects most makeup lovers. Luckily, it’s an issue we can solve. All we’ll need is a lil’ prep and planning!

If you’ve ever wondered, “how long does makeup last?” we’ve got the answer. Keep reading to discover how to make makeup last all day even when you’re sweating up a storm in the heat!

how to keep your makeup from melting off | florence by mills

1. Light And Lotion-Based Moisturizer

If you’re normally an oil-based moisturizer kinda person, put that tube back in your beauty bag.

Choose a light, lotion-based moisturizer with plenty of SPF.  The lotion absorbs easily into your skin, while oil-based moisturizers slip off your skin in seconds once the sun’s beating down.

2. Suit Up With Skin Tint

Skin tint is the perfect option for those “no-makeup” makeup days. It’s light enough to let your natural beauty take center stage while still giving you that extra oomph you love. 

Our Like A Light skin tint acts like a lightweight shield, protecting your skin from the outside world — yeah, we’re looking at you, sweat

Once you’ve got your skin tint on hand, pump once or twice onto your fingertips, blend into the skin, and you’ll be walking down the runway in no time! Take special care around the areas of your face that you know get a little extra oil and moisture throughout the day, like your T-zone, upper lip, and the area just below your eyes.

3. Keep Your Foundation Light

When the thermometer’s nearly full and ready to crack, it’s time to keep your foundation light and airy. Heavy foundation can look caked on, especially if it absorbs some of your natural sweat.

If there are any uneven areas, break out the concealer and blend the layer with a makeup sponge or brush.

Once you’ve got your foundation on, that’s your cue to learn how to use setting powder. A great mattifying setting powder locks your makeup in place and blurs the appearance of pores. gives you a great “foundation” to build on in designing the rest of your look.

4. Look For Lip Oils Or Lip Scrubs

Matte lipsticks look totally gorgeous in the right color combo and occasion, but you might get a bit nervous applying a fresh layer on a sticky, sweaty afternoon. Fortunately, you can make matte lipsticks like our VIP Velvet Liquid totally work if you use a lip scrub first. 

Lip scrubs like our Pout Party Coffee scrub wipe away flaky, dry skin in a cinch. With gentle sugar exfoliation and plenty of antioxidants to soothe irritated skin, your pout’s going to look super soft and smooth.

Or, if you want to try something different, try a smear-free lip oil. These make your lips pop and shine for the whole day without the risk of smearing or fading.

Once your lips get dry (trust us, they will), pop off the cap on your fav lip balm and re-apply for another couple of hours of fierce looks and full lips.

makeup setting spray | florence by mills

5. Save Yourself With Makeup Setting Spray

On to the grand finalé, the last and most important step in preventing the dreaded makeup melt-off is (drumroll, please…) — setting spray!

Not only will setting spray cool you down with a liquid spritz, but it also keeps your makeup locked in place for hours. To apply the setting spray, just hold the bottle a few inches from your skin, and spray the fine mist over your entire face. That’s all there is to it!

Say goodbye to smudges and streaks, and hello to a summer of feeling truly carefree. If you want to be extra safe, spray your face with a burst of setting spray with each new layer of makeup. 

Skin tint — spritz! Concealer — spritz! Blush — spritz! On and on ’til you’re fully covered and ready to take on the day confidently.

learn how long does makeup last | florence by mills

Keep Dry and Flawless With Florence

Summer just might be the sweetest season of the year. It’s filled with warm days, long nights, and some of the best memories you’ll ever have.

Unfortunately, so many of us spend the best months on the calendar worrying about our perfect makeup melting at the wrong moment.

Don’t let the heat keep you from expressing yourself! Take on each day dry and flawless with Florence by Mills. However you want to express your inner beauty, we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve got any special sweat-proof hacks of your own, let us know. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, and give us the deets on how you beat the summer heat!

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