Gifts for Gift Exchange

October 30, 2020

Gifts for Gift Exchange

You made your list, you checked it twice… and you still don’t know what to give your Secret Santa this year! It’s hard to find the right gift for someone you may or may not know all that well, and even harder when you’ve got a budget to stick to. Don’t worry, with a little elf-confidence and guidance from flo, you’ll impress them with anything off our list of fave beauty gifts under $20.

Our Swimming Under the Eyes Gel Pads are a fam-favorite, so why not give your Secret Santa a taste of whale appeal with the Whale N Go Gift Set ($12)? This set includes four individually-wrapped pairs so your Secret Santa can glow on the go whenever they need to look a little more refreshed. Tired under eyes are left feeling replenished, hydrated, and brightened in just 15 minutes. It’s like an instant day at the spa! Soaked in a soothing essence and made with clean ingredients like coconut extract and hyaluronic acid that help de-puff and moisturize, these cute lil whale pads are as fun as they are effective. A treat to wear? Loads of benefits? No nasty stuff? This one ticks all the boxes on the clean beauty gift checklist. Plus, who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up this time of year?

If you think your Secret Santa would like to spritz their way from zero chill to good vibes, then throw our Zero Chill Face Mist ($10) in your sack. This facial spray is an amazing beauty gift to give because no matter their skin type, the soothing formula will help calm skin whenever their face is feeling a little stressed. It can be used anytime those good vibes need to be restored (no, it won’t magically stop their little brother’s tantrums—we make good skin happen, not miracles)! This wonder mist is made with clean beauty ingredients that their face will drink up and is infused with a blend of botanical BFFS rose and lavender that help hydrate and balance. And it smells. So. Good. Is that a new filter? No, it’s just your Secret Santa feeling and looking fresh!

Sometimes you know your Secret Santa needs a little something special for their everyday routine. If you think their blah lip balm could use an instant upgrade, give them the florence staple Oh Whale! Lip Balm ($12)! The super smooth formula will glide on like a hug for their lips and is packed with argan and avocado oils that help them stay feeling hydrated with non-sticky moisture. Other clean ingredients like shea butter help seal in moisture so their lips stay whale-y happy for hours. They’ll want to reach for it again and again! Plus, we think they’ll smile every time they spin the iconic flo whale that we just can’t get enough of.  


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