Gifts for Family

October 30, 2020

Gifts for Family

You always ask and always get the same answer: Oh, I’ll love anything you get me. But we know that’s not exactly true—you saw mom’s face when she unwrapped that dust buster last year. Luckily, beauty gifts for your family are a smart (and appreciated!) choice for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for something for your mom or sister, an aunt or that favorite cousin who always makes dinner way more fun, we’ve got awesome clean beauty gifts guaranteed to make them smile! Check out our top picks for gifts under $50 and invite your family into the florence fam.

For the family member in your life trying to clean up their act, the Spotlight Toner Series ($18 each) and our Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds ($18) make the perfect pair! Our toners are made with ingredients that skin loves to soak up, and each one was created with a different goal in mind to help put their best face forward. Episode 1: Brighten Up hydrates and pumps up their glow, Episode 2: Clear The Way helps clarify and keep oils in check, and Episode 3: Balance It Out takes skin from stressed to totally chill. And once they swipe on our clean beauty toners with one of those soft, washable bamboo rounds, they’ll wonder why they didn’t make such an easy, earth-friendly swap earlier! Bonus? The 10 reusable rounds come with a cute mesh bag that makes washing a snap.

Our Tinted Glow Yeah Lip Oil ($14) is the perfect beauty gift for that free-spirit family member who always likes to just be themself. Like the original Glow Yeah Lip Oil, this tinted version helps lips feel hydrated fast and gives them a fun pop of shine. But here’s where Glow Yeah Tinted Lip Oil comes in take it from cute to custom: The formula will adjust to their body’s pH levels and create a tint of color that is literally unique to them! Even your cousin—who constantly complains about the “mainstream”—will love that no one else has exactly the same shade. Plus it’s made with clean beauty ingredients like African mango butter that adds serious moisture and paracress flower that smooths and softens. This is one of Millie’s favorite products for good reason, and just one more reason for them to say GLOW YEAH when they open it up!

Maybe you have that one Ulta-crazed family member who claims they don’t want anything related to a beauty gift this year. And maybe with a drawer full of lipsticks and more toners and serums than will fit in a one #shelfie they’re right. But that doesn’t mean they need to be left out of the florence fam! The Crossbody Convertible Cosmetic Bag ($28) is the perfect thing to let them store it all while showing off their good taste. This clear purple cosmetic bag holds everything—even full-size skincare items—and doubles as a super cute crossbody purse for everyday outfits. And with a signature whale zipper pull, they’ll be reminded that flo is always there for them when they need to top up their beauty stash once again!

Balancing school, work, family, and social life is already hard enough without the added stress of maskne, cancelled plans, and—of course—the holidays. So when you see that family member who looks like they need to go to their happy place stat, help them take a break and feel re-energized with Swimming Under the Eye Gel Pads ($34). The fun whale pads bring out a smile just by looking at them (so cute!) and smell amazing, but more importantly they are soaked in a soothing essence to help replenish, hydrate, and brighten under the eye. Clean ingredients like coconut extract and hyaluronic acid help de-puff and moisturize, so your stressed-out sis will feel and look more refreshed after her 15 minutes of Me Time! She may even forget she hasn’t slept since 2019.

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