The Ultimate Gift Guide For Each of Your Besties

October 22, 2021

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Each of Your Besties

It’s that time of year again! Time to show our besties some love and get them something that they’re going to treasure. We’ve got your back when it comes to picking out the perfect gifts. 

Our florence by mills gift-giving guide will help you find exactly what presents you should get for each of your besties in order to help them live their best skincare and makeup lives! 

Everyone’s beauty and makeup routines are so different and you may not know exactly what your besties need to express themselves. 

We’ve got you covered with the perfect gifts for each of your best friends. Florence by mills’ dedication to creating clean beauty products means that no matter what you get for your besties, it will be a safe product that really works and is designed to make them feel good!

Whether you’re on the hunt for a secret santa gift or a birthday surprise, get shopping without a lick of doubt that you’re getting only the best, clean products for your BFFs!

Infographic detailing the ultimate guide for each of your besties

1. The Hair Obsessed Bestie

One of the most intimidating of them all: the hair-obsessed one. There’s always that one friend whose number one priority is hair, hair, hair. Their hair is always voluminous, hydrated, and never out of place — like a walking shampoo commercial.

Luckily, we’ve got just the thing to level up anyone's hair care. The Mane Character Vibes Hydrating Hair Mask, will let your BFF truly be the lead in their own show (even though they already were).

We know the hair-obsessed types tend to be pretty particular about their products, but our watermelon seed, linseed, and rice bran oils should leave them with no complaints. The hair mask will condition their hair while preventing dryness, frizz, and brittleness so they can be the main attraction.

2. The Busy Bee 

We all have a super busy bestie. They’re always on the go and they keep their plate full with responsibilities and activities. 

Maybe this busy bee has expressed to you that they’re struggling to keep up with their beauty routine and barely have time to wake up, brush their teeth, and get out the door. You want to help your bestie get back into their routine without adding any extra strain.

Take a load off of your bestie’s shoulders by getting them a gift that helps them take just a little bit of time for themselves: The Ava’s Mini Essentials Kit

The set is just that; an essential’s kit. The bundle includes 6 mini products in an on-the-go reusable makeup bag - everything needed for a quick and easy Florence skincare routine and makeup look. Here’s what’s inside: 

This makeup kit is great for helping your bestie get their self-care routine in, without holding them back. No need for them to go get shade matched, or even take the beauty quiz, this makeup gift set is perfect for everyone.

3 The Lip Poppin’ Enthusiast

This bestie always has a mouthful to say, and to make sure you’re paying attention they really take lip poppin’ looks to a whole new level. Get together a gift box of lip products that will make sure their lips stay glossy and attention-grabbing every day. 

First up, our Hit Snooze Lip Mask works overnight to help nourish parched lips and seal in all the moisture they’ll need. With a fresh and prepped palette your bestie can mix things up with the Get Glossed Lip Gloss, Glow Yeah Hydrating Lip Oil, or the Oh Whale! Tinted and Clear Lip Balms.

Image of 3 Oh Whale! Tinted Lip Balms in a hand

Basically, everything they need for a statement lip look. 

#.4 The Artsy One

We love our creative besties. The ones that are always trying new things, coming up with the coolest ideas, and never conforming to the norms. 

Our artsy friends can always use something new, and they’ll use it in a way that you never expected them to. 

Consider getting your expressive bestie our UBU Eyeshadow Palette. With 9 eyeshadow colors, this set encourages you to mix bright bolds and subtle neutrals to create your signature look. With an endless amount of combinations, your BFF should have no limits when experimenting.

Your artsy bestie isn’t only looking to stand out for their eyes, but for their whole presence. Help them bring their glowing and vibrant inside to the outside world with our bronze or pink crush shimmering body highlight dust

With these glowing gifts your bestie can express their creativity through their everyday make-up looks.

#.5 The Boujee One

The boujee one, the celebrity, the superstar. However you want to address them— we all have that one friend who is extra. This bestie unleashes their true boujee self once they get a pair of sunglasses on.

Any pair of the Florence by Mills edition of the MBB x Vogue Eyewear sunglasses are perfect for unleashing anyones inner fierceness. Plus, they’ll allow your bestie to embody one of the most boujee activities one can partake in: traveling. 

No matter their dream destination, Marbella or New York, our sunglasses each bring the feeling of the cities they’re inspired by.

Whether across oceans or state borders a makeup bag will come in handy for this boujee traveler. This full size Puffy Cosmetic Bag fits everything you need to make traveling a breeze! This beauty bag can fit your full skincare routine, dirty clothes, a hairdryer and more! This puffer bag can carry it all.

Help this boujee bestie remain flawless and well-prepared with these gifts tailored to their outgoing personality.

#6. The Perfectionist

The perfectionist loves to have anything and everything they need at all times. They’re the type of friend that carries a full pencil case and a pair of backup clothes with them at all times. 

Skin is one of those things that’s unpredictable, and even your perfectionist friend is sometimes unprepared for how it will behave. 

Image of the florence by mills Skincare Besties Set on silk sheets

We have the perfect gift to help your bestie keep their flawless record of staying prepped and ready for anything their skin may throw at them: the Skincare Besties Set. The set includes:

Whether for everyday skincare or a fun night of pampering, this set has everything our skin needs to keep it cute, happy, and chill.

Time To Get Wrapping

No matter what kind of bestie you have, shopping with their beauty routine in mind is the best way to go about finding them the perfect gift. Buying gifts for friends that truly consider who they are is a great way to show how grateful you are to have them in your life. 

We hope that these personalized gift ideas for your friends helped make the decision easier this year!

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