Makeup Tips For Beginners

April 21, 2022

Makeup Tips For Beginners

Makeup can be tricky to navigate. Some of our friends started applying Barbie eyeshadow in 3rd grade, and others won’t even consider getting into makeup until high school graduation. It’s never too late or too early to dabble in the world of makeup.

We all start somewhere, but where to begin never feels clear. Whenever you’re ready to start, we’ve got some makeup tips that are actually for beginners, no matter how old you are or how much you’re looking to explore.

Some extra tips will come in handy even for the most simple makeup ideas. Here’s where we recommend you begin.

Makeup Tips for Beginners by florence by mills

1. Learn Your Skin Type and Tone

One of the most critical components of makeup is the canvas you’re putting it all on; your face. Understanding your skin type and your skin tone can help you make better makeup decisions.

Depending on your skin type, you’ll want to use makeup products with ingredients that do it justice. Some makeup is made with heavy oils, which can add to your already oily skin. Some products suck out moisture which is not the vibe if you have dry skin. Knowing your skin type lets you achieve the look you’re going for while taking care of your skin.

Your skin tone can be just as helpful. Depending on your undertones and skin color, you may want to use different makeup shades. The right hue can complement your natural glow.

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2. Use The Correct Brushes

Using the right brushes for the right makeup can make your job much easier. Individual brushes are designed for different purposes, so you should take advantage! Take our Eyeshadow Brush Set, for example:

  • The flat shadow brush helps you effortlessly smooth over the base of your eyelid.
  • The blending crease brush is for… the crease; great for laying down details.
  • The angled liner brush will help with precision closer to your lash line.

You can apply all of your makeup correctly and thoroughly with the right brush kept close by in your makeup bag.

3. Lip Liner, Then Lipstick

You should always put your lip liner on before your lipstick. Lip liner is applied along the perimeter of your lips, adding shape and definition to your pout. 

Lip liner prevents your lipstick from bleeding or smudging. It’s also good practice to put liner on first because all you have to worry about is filling in between the lines.

After lining your lips, you can fill them in with the same tool or your go-to lipstick or lip gloss.

4. Start With The Skincare Basics

The greatest tip for anyone going into makeup as a beginner is skincare first! Your skin is the most important thing to consider for makeup application.

If you work on having nourished and healthy skin, your makeup will apply smooth, cause fewer breakouts, and last longer in the day.

Skincare basics for everyone:

  • Always thoroughly wash makeup off your face before going to bed
  • Always read the ingredients and only use clean
  • Know your skin type and use products accordingly
  • Don’t pile on makeup if your skin needs time to breathe

When you take care of your skin, you can make the most out of your makeup. To create a simple skincare routine that works for you, find our skincare guide on the florence blog.

Millie bobby brown putting on eyeliner

5. Figure Out Your Eye Shape

Whether you’re going all-out or applying a more simple makeup look, knowing your eye shape can come in handy.

You can apply your eye makeup to be complimentary when you know your eye shape. Someone’s beginner makeup tutorial might make a classic cat-eye appear simple to apply, but your eye shape might make things a bit more complicated for you.

You can apply an eyeliner and eyeshadow look that fits your face just right when you know your eye shape. Look for a collection of the different eye shapes, and then find easy makeup looks tailored to you.

6. Apply Eyeliner in Short Strokes

Once you’ve figured out your eye shape and decided on the eyeliner look you’re going for, it’s time to attempt application. Eyeliner can be one of the most difficult steps in applying makeup, so even the smallest tips and tricks can go a long way.

Instead of trying to get the whole thing done in one go, we’d recommend shorter strokes. You might think that your line would come out splotchy, but shorter strokes can help you get a more even line. 

Millie bobby brown putting on facial moisturizer

7. Use Moisturizer Under Your Makeup

Makeup can dry out your face depending on its ingredients, but a lightweight moisturizer is one of the greatest defenses against dryness. Applying moisturizer will create a smooth base for your makeup to be applied onto. 

A makeup primer can also be helpful, giving your makeup something to stick to. With a moisturizer and primer, your makeup will be smooth and fresh and last throughout the day.

8. Invest In A Setting Spray

A setting spray can help dispel any stress or anxiety that comes from wearing makeup. If you’re worried about melting, smudging, or cracking, a setting spray will help you feel confident that your makeup will stay in place. Setting sprays also help keep your skin moisturized, so they’re especially helpful for those with skin that easily dries out.

9. Put A Base On Your Eyelids

Adding a lighter eyeshadow (like white or beige) to your eyelids as a base will make any color you put on top pop brighter. 

A lighter base makes it so that your eyeshadow doesn’t have to compete with your skin tone. For more tips on eyeshadow application, check out our tutorial on the simplest ways to apply eyeshadow.

person looking in whale mirror putting on makeup

Make Makeup Easy

As more and more makeup trends flood your feed, it can be hard to happen upon the basic tips and tricks you need. A few simple concepts can up your makeup game or give you a helpful foundation to start with. 

Learning the ins and outs of makeup can feel overwhelming, and the millions of YouTube tutorials out there don’t make things any easier. From everyday makeup to all-out glitz and glam, the more you know about making cosmetics simple, the better.

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