Lip Oil vs. Lip Gloss: What's the Difference?

December 10, 2021

Lip Oil vs. Lip Gloss: What's the Difference?

Chapped, dry lips can really ruin the vibe, so what you reach for to moisturize your lips really matters. Sometimes it feels like you're choosing between moisturized lips and a pretty, colorful pout. What if we told you, you can have both!

We formulate our lip gloss and lip oils to be super cute and super nourishing. Before you add anything to your cart, let’s run through the difference between lip oil and lip gloss so you can pick the best option for you. 

Lip Oil vs. Lip Gloss: What's the Difference? Florence by mills

What Is Lip Oil?

You’re probably already familiar with oils. Maybe you use one on your face or in your hair? It’s time to add a new oil to your collection. Two words: lip oil

You’re thinking “What is lip oil and why do I need it when I already have lip gloss?”

Let’s get this clear upfront—lip oil is an oil for your lips. Simple, but when it comes to hydration, lip oils understand the assignment. They’re meant to help your lips retain moisture which makes them especially great to use when it's cold outside (though they can of course be used year-round). 

Our Glow Yeah Hydrating Lip Oil is made with clean ingredients that replenish moisture and keep your lips hydrated. 

  • African Mango Butter is a nutrient-dense hydrator that adds serious moisture and shine to lips
  • Paracress flower, a floral extract, smooths and softens dry lips

Lips oils add a sparkle and shine to your lips, so you can avoid the stickiness of some lip gloss. 

Pro-Tip: Try a tinted lip oil for a subtlety pigmented lip. 

What Is Lip Gloss?

Traditional lip gloss can be sticky and sometimes even drying, but florence by mills decided to change the rules. We innovated lip gloss to be non-sticky and nourishing. The magic is in our ingredients!

Our Get Glossed Lip Gloss is formulated to deliver glossy goodness sheer shades. Let’s take a look inside the gloss:

  • Shea Butter, a super skin-conditioner filled with essential fatty acids, delivers moisturizing goodness
  • Vitamin E reinforces the skin’s lipid shield so lips stay silky
  • Castor Seed Oil moisturizes chapped spots and softens things up

Get ready to get glossed without the sticky factor!  

When to Use Lip Oil vs. Lip Gloss? 

We hate to say it but the choice is in your hands! 

Both our lip oil and lip gloss are packed with nourishing ingredients to keep you smiling with every swipe. A few swipes of lip oil and lip gloss should keep your lips happy for hours.

If you are looking to add some color you can go for a tinted lip oil or a lip gloss in your go-to shade. 

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How to Prep Your Lips? 

Whether you are using lip oil or lip gloss, the way you prep your lips can make a huge difference in how happy and hydrated your lips will be. Get ready to say bye-bye to dry, chapped, cracked lips for good! 

Step 1: Exfoliate 

Before we apply our products, we always want to make sure we have a clean slate so that they can be as effective as possible. Think of it as a blank canvas. 

So before your lips get oiled or glossed up, let's clean and exfoliate them. You can use a sugar scrub (just mix sugar with some honey) to exfoliate any dead skin on your lips away. 

Step 2: Apply Lip Oil or Lip Gloss

After you’ve cleansed and exfoliated your lips, go ahead and apply your favorite shade of lip oil or gloss. Need some ideas?

Next, sit back and let your lips get the moisture and hydration they really need. 

Bonus Step: Use a Lip Mask at Night

We love a face mask moment for resetting our skin and giving it an extra dose of moisture. Why shouldn’t our lips get the same treatment? Use a lip mask (we love our Hit Snooze Lip Mask) to keep the hydration party going at night. 

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