Better Together Tutorial with Mills

January 12, 2021

Better Together Tutorial with Mills

Does your skin get dry and parched in the winter? Ours does, that’s why we launched two NEW super hydrating products this month and Mills is here to share more about them with you in her new video.

Hit Reset Moisturizing Mask Pearls: these pearls are packed full of moisture and a lovely lavender scent. And the best part? They come in super cute little pearls that are so fun to crush. Mills uses 2 pearls right before bed 3-4 times per week and loves how her skin is full of moisture in the AM.

Hit Snooze Lip Mask: in the wintertime our lips are PARCHED. The jelly formula of this lip mask does an amazing job packing in the moisture. When applying, a little goes a long way. Mills uses it before bed but it can also be a great moisture kick in the middle of the day!

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